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Ep10. Understanding Halal Market for Olympics 2020 and Beyond

21 Feb 2019

Ep 10. Understanding Halal Market for Olympics 2020 and Beyond

In this episode, Keith shares his knowledge and thoughts on how to market Malaysian products in Japan, focusing on the Summer Olympics 2020 and also taking it further. He starts off by introducing himself his company and its corporate social responsibilities, his duties as a fellow committee for the Olympics like setting up halal food standard for 7k athletes and overall visitors coming to the event. Since the theme for the upcoming Olympic in Japan is ‘Sustainable Olympic’, Keith reveals that the products that will be marketed, exported and sold should be organic and energy green. He also unveils possible issues that must be tackled and also logistic tips for Malaysians to market their products.

Key Takeaways

Working hard to promote halal products and bringing in Malaysian SMEs into Japan, Keith intends to unite Malaysians to work collectively and encounter challenges together. He states that in order to market halal goods and services there, it is best to be very specific of what you want to sell, who your consumers would be and which district you want to focus on. For the Summer Olympics, Keith suggests to focus on the 23 districts in Tokyo and target the market surrounding the event such as Japanese restaurants, hotels and lodging as well as hospitals. Within 6 weeks, 8 million Muslim will be flooding Tokyo and it is no doubt that a lot of halal products will be needed. Hence, providing halal food to the hotel and restaurants can increase the market and profit of the products you wish to sell. The four main items to work on are vegetables, fruits, seafood and processed food. Besides that, Keith also proposes to bring halal cosmetics and halal fashion into Japan, suggesting ways for companies to seize the opportunity to be a leader in halal cosmetics and fashion line.

Fun Fact

The Halal fashion represents 14% of the world fashion market.




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