Top 3 with Serena C,

Ep10. Top 3 Facts about Gender in Entrepreneurship

31 Jan 2019

Ep 10. Top 3 Facts about Gender in Entrepreneurship

This Top 3 episode features Serena sharing the top 3 interesting facts about entrepreneurs and gender. In spite of the general perception that gender and entrepreneurship are related, Serena C dives into the truth behind statistics and policies surrounding gender for entrepreneurs, both male and female alike.

Key Takeaways

What is the correlation between gender and entrepreneurship? How do we address the gender gap through public policies and work policies? In this episode, Serena C discusses the way gender affects or shapes the tenets of entrepreneurship in an individual with discussions on statistics on gender of entrepreneurs as well as the top female entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Fun Fact

According to a 2017 report on, there are only seven countries in the world where men and women own businesses at an equal rate.




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