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Ep10. Jeong-Ok Jeon, Arco Labs

16 Jan 2018

Ep 10. Jeong-Ok Jeon – Director of Arco Labs

What It’s About
ARCO Labs’ Jeong-Ok-Jeon takes a thoroughly unique approach to art: Where a tour around
a conventional museum would allow visitors to SEE but not TOUCH the art on display,
Jeong believes in the complete opposite of that. She believes that in order for individuals to
properly develop an appreciation of art, one must be able to INTERACT with that art. In this
episode, Jeong discusses the importance of fostering art and creativity within the business
world, and how being disruptive in the new media and art space by making art installations
that allow individuals to interact with art, and become artists, is good for the community at

Key Takeaways
Jeong believes that the ability to produce and appreciate art lies within all of us, but that the
mediums that are currently available for the expressionism to take place is limited. Through
her ARCO Labs startup, Jeong is creating a creative sphere to nurture, nourish, and connect
artists in Indonesia, and on a global scale.

Fun Fact
Jeong is a Korean who grew up in Indonesia, and then moved to the U.S.A. She regularly
engages with creating art.




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