Ep10. Drone Readiness Index: Where is Malaysia?

20 Jul 2019

Ep 9. Shifting the Landscape with Aeronerve’s Terrabina

The drone industry is taking flight and is growing at a rapid rate especially in the Asian region. With billions being invested in research and development, the potential of these unmanned aerial vehicles extend beyond recreational reasons. Regulations and public perception among other factors are constantly changing as the technology develops. Due to this, the Drone Readiness Index was introduced to aid drone operators in gauging their areas of improvement as well as strengths. In this podcast, Millie Radovic explains to us what the Drone Readiness Index, and how well Malaysia is doing in that index.

Key Takeaways

Millie Radovic from Drone Industry Insights describe the six pillars that are used in the measurement of the Drone Readiness Index in detail. Drone Industry Insights, or DRONEII empowers drone innovation through market research. Besides that, they provide a number of services including consulting, marketing, regulations, and recruitment services for players in the drone industry. Millie also describes how Malaysia ended up on the third quarter of the rankings in the Drone Readiness Index, as well as highlighted our areas of strengths and weaknesses. Besides giving countries an insight on where they need to improve in terms of drone operations, it also provides a guideline for drone operators to follow in terms of following regulations. Based on her expertise, Millie suggested a number of short and long term solutions that can help the drone industry take off, without regulations becoming a major hindrance.

Fun Fact

Finland ranks at number one on the Drone Readiness Index.




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