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19 Jul 2018

Ep 10. CALMS

In this episode of Startups to Scaleups, the CEO of CALMS Technologies Sdn. Bhd, Koh Lee Ching sits down with Dr Siva to discuss how she led her company through 16 years of exponential growth and regional expansion. CALMS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian incorporated company formed to focus in providing cost effective and leading edge card solutions mainly specialized in multiple smart cards and terminal applications. With more than a decade of experience in offering dynamic range of one card solutions to more than 400 organizations from various sectors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, CALMS is changing the way card solutions security functions.

Key Takeaways

Lee Ching shares the story of how CALMS pursued its regional expansion to neighbouring ASEAN countries in this podcast, through the uncertainty and lack of exposure in the very beginning. She also shares how to manage resources, among which talent management is of utmost importance and an entrepreneur cannot afford to neglect the labour input into the business. As a firm deeply entrenched in cyber-security as well as in the business that requires absolute security assurances, Lee Ching points out ways to gain and maintain trust from clients.

Fun Fact

CALMS has expanded to and is available in all ASEAN countries except Brunei and Laos.




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