Women in Blockchain,

Ep1. Women in Blockchain Summit

14 Sep 2018

Ep 1. Women in Blockchain Summit

This year, the inaugural Women in Blockchain Summit is brought to you by NEM Blockchain Centre and will take place at Glo Damansara on the 24th of September 2018. Jasmine Ng of NEM Blockchain Centre sits down with us to share the highlights and present a sneak peek into what will take place during the summit. She shares with us some of the exciting lineups for the speakers including YB Maria Chin who will be delivering one of the keynote speeches as well as the motivation behind organising this progressive female-led summit in Malaysia.

About This Podcast

Women In Blockchain is a podcast series covering on the ongoings of Women In Blockchain Summit 2018 by NEM Malaysia. From the organisers, speakers as well as notable women leaders, this podcast is highlights the summit and to shed insight into the future of blockchain as well as female inclusivity.

Fun Fact

Jasmine spent 20 years in banking before deciding that the future is both female and blockchain. Today, she is proud to be part of the women empowering other women in the blockchain industry in Malaysia.




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