What Really Matters,

Ep1. What Really Matters

16 Apr 2018

About The Show

What Really Matters takes listeners beyond the usual talk of what social entrepreneurship and enterprise is, to the field — meeting with innovators in their own communities. The ground-breaking series, co-hosted by Teresa Krug and Adam Hamsani, and sponsored by the Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) and Energy Action Partners (ENACT Partners), features interviews with changemakers, ranging from app creators to urban farmers and eco tourism guides. Throughout the series, we reveal a behind the scenes look at missions across Malaysia, highlighting how individuals balance the social against the enterprise..

Ep 1. What Really Matters

In the first episode of What Really Matters, Teresa Krug probes a panel of experts on the nuances of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. Who gets to decide which endeavors are “impact-driven”? What happens when meeting a social mission means interfering with people’s livelihoods? Special guests are Ayu Abdullah, Wan Dazriq and Nur Aziz.


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