Digitizing Your Business With Kodorra,

Ep1. What is Actually an Online Business

27 Dec 2018

Ep 1. What is Actually an Online Business

Digitizing Your Business With Kodorra is an vodcast series to guide you through the procedure of amping up your business to be a successful internet venture. Melvin Wong, an award-winning entrepreneur and online mentor behind Kodorra will mentor you to success with the easiest lessons behind setting up your online business.


In this inaugural episode of the series, we discover what an online business is all about under the guidance of award-winning entrepreneur Melvin Wong. He walks us through the criterias of which makes up an online business.


The world’s first online business transanction took place on August 11, 1994 when Dan Kohn sold a CD of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales album to a friend in Philadelphia, who used his credit card to spend $12.48.



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