Starting Up With Kodorra,

Ep1. Understanding Goals and Objectives of Business Plan

27 Dec 2018

Ep 1. Understanding Goals and Objectives of Business Plan

Starting Up With Kodorra is your insider guide to starting up a well-prepared business idea. From business plans to securing funding for your startup, this is a comprehensive virtual mentorship of Melvin Wong, an award winning entrepreneur who now mentors aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide through his platform; Kodorra.


In this episode, Melvin shares the first fundamental basics of starting up a business: the importance of the business plan. Among the key topics he touches on is the misconceptions surrounding business plans in this era of start-ups as well as how aspiring entrepreneurs should approach the goals and objectives of a business plan. Tune in to have your perspectives on business plans redefined in this episode.


It is a myth that business plans are a dead concept! Today, business plans have evolved to something more compact and dynamic as Melvin explores in this episode.


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