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Ep1. Top 3 Successful Crazy Business Ideas that people thought would surely fail

22 Nov 2018

Ep 1. Top 3 Successful Crazy Business Ideas that people thought would surely fail

In this episode, join Serena C and discover the whackiest of business ideas that everyone was certain of failing yet succeeded! We speak to Gary Ross Dahl who created Pet Rock in 1975. Pet Rock was developed as a smooth stone designed like a hamster with the container and breathing holes. Next, we dwelve deep under with Eternal Reefs, a firm which transforms human remains into an eternal legacy in the form of eco-friendly artificial coral reefs. Created by 2 University of Georgia students, it took only a month for more than 400 thousand reef ball to be sold. Lastly, Potato Parcel is a personalize message delivery service with a unique twist; the messages are written on potato! Created by Alex Craig, he earned 2000 dollars of profits in two days and eventually made 40,000 dollars 5 months later.

Key Takeaways

The idea behind Pet Rock started when Dahl’s friend complained about their pet being disobedient and sick, leading to the ideation processes behind Pet Rock complete with a manual book on how to take care of the pet rock as if it were a living thing. It then became an American trademark and sold at 4 dollar each. Through the idea, Dahl gained up to 1.5 million dollars in just a few months, an astonishing amount for a business of its kind. Eternal Reefs are the ones who created Reef Balls, which are designated artificial reefs made of environmentally-safe cast concrete to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life. As for Potato Parcel, each potato parcel cost 8 to 10 dollar per piece. It was sold to those who want a unique experience replacing cards with a potato to send greetings, congratulations and birthday cards.

Fun Fact

The Pet Rock was naturally intended as a joke which has rather surprisingly taken off as a national joke as well as a successful business venture.





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