Psychology for Entrepreneurs,

Ep1. Signs of an Entrepreneurs

30 Jul 2018

Ep 1. Signs of an Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Psychology for Entrepreneurs podcast hosted by Luke Bong. He is an accredited NLP trainer by the Association for NLP, UK and runs 2 education-based businesses in his hometown of Miri, Sarawak. Luke is the author of the business book, Entrepreneur D.N.A that focuses on the individuality of the entrepreneur and how to cultivate the inner-excellence to start and grow a thriving business.

Psychology for Entrepreneurs is about practical application of psychology in the world of entrepreneurship and business, minus the textbook theories. In other words, it is psychology for the lay person.

In this first episode, Luke talks candidly about whether you should be an entrepreneur and what are the signs to watch out for should you choose to embark on this journey.




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