Ep1. MyDroneX – Accelerating the Future of Drones

26 May 2019

Ep 1. MyDroneX – Accelerating the Future of Drones

In this episode, Mahadhir Aziz, Acting CEO of Futurise and Safuan Zairi from MDEC, two leading stakeholders in the drone technology speak on the current landscape of drone technology in Malaysia, its challenges and how MyDroneX will bring all relevant industry players together in an event that will provide a significant push for the local drone industry to go further than ever.

Key Takeaways

Among the topics touched on in this episode is the general overview of the drone industry in Malaysia and the direction it is headed to. As a representative from MDEC, Safuan shares the current focus areas of MDEC which includes the proliferation of drone technology in numerous other industries. In addition to that, Mahadhir speaks on the regulatory challenges to the industry and numerous agencies’ efforts in helping local drone technology firms expand beyond their current nascent stage.

Fun Fact

Aerodyne, a Malaysian-born firm specialising in drone technology, was in 8 countries only a year ago and has scaled to over 26 countries since then!



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