Ep1. ImBIG

30 Jul 2018

Ep 1. ImBIG

imBIG is a conglomerate consisting of eight different companies providing services concerning automated guided vehicles, automated engine assemply and online monitoring systems. In this interview by Jamaluddin Bujang, we talk to Ahmad Najib Shari who founded and is the CEO of imBIG on public perception of Malaysian technology as well as the challenge of changing mindsets here and abroad.

Key Takeaways

Naturally with heavy technology, people oft think of producers such as Germany and Japan as the pinnacle of machinery quality. imBIG is a local firm with a USP of providing not only machinery that is on-par with the top Western producers but one that is localised and of which after-sales service can be immediate. imBIG CEO, Ahmad Najib also discusses full automatic of low-level jobs as well as the gap between Malaysian education and the industry for fresh graduates.

Fun Fact

In 2014, imBIG entered SUPERB and won a government grant which it utilised to recruit new members, thus expanding from one company to 8 companies!




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