Ep1. Ijad Farm – Your Urban Qurban Solution

04 Oct 2018

Ep 1. Ijad Farm – Your Urban Qurban Solution

Based in East Java province Indonesia or “The Homeland of Cattles”, Ijad Farm is a platform that connects farmers, land owners and investors to farm together and create impact to food and security.

Ijad Farm breeds sheep, goats and cows, and provides an end-to-end platform to ease investments and monitoring of investments to grow the agribusiness industry in Indonesia and ASEAN.

To date, the business has garnered 1291 investors, 156 farmers, 2400 ha land, and 918 livestock raised.

Key Takeaways

Ijad started his business while he is still in senior high school as a simple business of helping farmers sell cattle for Qurban. Within two weeks of operations he earned approximately USD 10,000. He then grew the business to be a platform for various stakeholders to trade with one another after noticing a big gap where farmers have problems with capital, land and market access.

Fun Fact

In Indonesian, IJAD stands for Integerated Jaringan Agribisnes di Awan or Cloud Based Integerated Farming.





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