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Ep1. Connecting The Dots: To Build Something Greater

13 Aug 2019

Ep 1. Connecting The Dots: To Build Something Greater

In this episode, CEO of MaGIC Miss Dzuleira Abu Bakar delivers her keynote speech on designing an entrepreneurial nation. By summarizing facts of the Global Innovation Index, the huge difference in annual ranking of countries by their capacity in South East Asia specifically, she opens up our minds to wonder what entrepreneurship is all about and the concept of using technology: by highlighting the reasons why Malaysia is still ranked at number 35th while our nearest competitor, Singapore is able to achieve the 5th position in 2018.

Key Takeaways

The goal for Malaysia now is to chase the 8th position ranking in the GII and to achieve this, entrepreneurs and all parties need to identify what is the elusive “X factor” that others do better than us, and what is it that we are not doing good enough. There are claims that the entrepreneurial spirit among Malaysians is low despite having many entrepreneurship development organisations, the reasons vary on factors such as the lack of communication, silent inquiry, the dire lack of an investor community and even simple factor of local entrepreneurs who are not looking in the right places. In this podcast, Miss Dzuleira Abu Bakar simplify and define role of government agencies: to bridge the fragments of the ecosystem together for entrepreneurs.

Fun Fact

One of our biggest weakness is at the post-startup stage where the is a huge gap with the pre-startup stage simply because our local ideas are not strong enough!




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