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Ep09. A Tokenized Future with CELEBRUS

28 Mar 2019

Ep 09. A Tokenized Future with CELEBRUS

The blockchain technology is progressing rapidly and if you are skeptical about wanting to instill it into your businesses, this is an episode for you. In this informationally rich episode, we have Mr. Edmond and Mr. Kevin from Celebrus to educate us about blockchain and their take on it. Celebrus is a bespoke and compliance-first consultancy for blockchain development and business tokenization that serves a diverse and international clientele. Mr. Edmond, who is the co-founder of Celebrus while Mr. Kevin, the senior developer of the company, shares with us about Celebrus’s vision and their thoughts on whether blockchain is here to survive or will it die as fast as it rose.

Key Takeaways

Mr. Edmond and Mr.Kevin explain to us in detail about the impact and usage of blockchain into our businesses and how does the transparency factor work in it. The rising blockchain industry is also being abused by the scammers and the duo from Celebrus shares some information on how authorities can play a role to prevent blockchain from being misused.Mr.Edmond and Mr.Kevin also talk to us about Celebrus Advisory’s objective and the services the company provides such as tokenization and compliances. According to them, the industry might be temporary and we can’t exactly be sure if it is here to stay. They also speak about their setbacks and the smartest move along with Celebrus’s vision and the influence they hope to make. They also discuss Malaysians behavior towards blockchain and the pricing concern that is circulating among people.

Fun Fact

The company’s logo is highly significant. It is Celebrus with the ‘ E ‘ being replaced with three horizontal lines and this refers to the creative gifts that comes from heaven and these three lines appear in the simplified Chinese character for ‘ rich and abundant ‘.




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