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Ep06. Hunger-Curbing Via Blockchain by FOODCHAIN

07 Mar 2019

Ep 06. Hunger-Curbing Via Blockchain by FOODCHAIN

On today’s episode, we venture into the food industry and discover how blockchain can take its bite on it! We have Mr. Jeremy Goh, the founder of FoodChain with us in this episode as he discusses blockchain and the contribution it could bring to the food industry. FoodChain is a blockchain based food solution that is closing the gap between technology and traditional business by being transparent and accountable movement of everything from supply chain logistics solutions to global payments and exchange. Mr.Jeremy talks to us about the company he founded and he also explains to us about blockchain’s expenses as well as the impacts it could bring to the future.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, you will get to know how FoodChain is utilizing the blockchain technology to make a difference in the food industry. Mr. Jeremy explains to us on how delivering, bulk order, direct purchase, track, trace and transaction, review and reordering on the blockchain works. He tells us about all the initiatives taken by Foodchain to provide solutions for merchants and consumers as well as the platform’s user-friendliness.You will also get some insight on how Mr. Jeremy overcame all the challenges to make FoodChain a reality and what is the response from Malaysians on the company.

Fun Fact

Blockchain technology can be used to track where mangos, berries, and some other products come from so it can determine where bad food originated during a recall within two seconds or even enable us to verify if a carton of eggs is actually cage-free!




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