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Ep05. Blockchain In Music Industry By VANDIGITAL

28 Feb 2019

Ep 05. Blockchain In Music Industry By VANDIGITAL

Join us in this episode as our host speaks about blockchain technology and its possibility to revolutionize the music industry with Jason, the founder of Vandigital Industries. Vandigital Industries has evolved significantly since it was established in 2016 and they are currently focused on 2 core Blockchain projects that are Hip Hop The Blockchain and a new project that is about to be launched called B1J1. Here, Jason gives his views on the emerging blockchain industry and how Vandigital is trying to bridge the gap between music content creators and blockchain technology.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, you will be discovering another industry that may benefit from the existence of blockchain technology, the music industry. Jason shares with us on how blockchain can assist in revolutionizing the music industry. He talks to us about how Vandigital is working on closing the gap between hip hop content creators and blockchain industry to enable musicians and music producers to monetize their creation. He also explains about Musicoin and what sets it apart from other music apps we use now. Our host did not miss the chance of asking him about the setbacks he faced and what are his opinions on women venturing into the blockchain world.

Fun Fact

Musicoin might emerge as the next ‘big thing’ among other music apps as it allows interaction between musicians and listeners with music tipping feature that allows listeners to tip their musicians directly using the MUSIC coin.




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