Ep05. Aviation Industries: How Has Singapore Stem Education Grew

13 Sep 2019

Ep 05. Aviation Industries: How Has Singapore Stem Education Grew

Mr. Preetwant Singh from PAC Aviation and expert in the procurement of aircraft parts, spares, ground equipment and maintainance services for multiple type of non-military aircraft; primarily US made aircraft defines the difference between the STEM education in Singapore compared to Malaysia. Singapore has been making a steady progress up the tables that measure students’ ability in reading, maths and science while Malaysia struggles to maintain rankings. Why is there a gap between the regional neighbouring countries and how can we better address the ever-widening gap for Malaysian youths?

Key Takeaways

Despite being separated by a narrow straits, the education system of Malaysia and its southern neighbour differ vastly. How exactly have Singapore gotten a headstart at a world-class education with a strong emphasis on STEM and where has Malaysia failed? According to Preetwant Singh from PAC Aviation, in Singapore children are exposed to the sciences as early as during the pre-school phase. Nurture plays the stronger role in child development, as recent studies reveal that children even infants that the need to focus on science in the early childhood classroom is based on a number of practical education to learn, experiment, and explore, they allow for nurturing and extending their knowledge. Tune in to find out how Singapore has shaped their education system and shifted their focal point strategically towards STEM without sacrificing other education segments.

Fun Fact

Coding has become compulsory in Singapore within the last 6 months with a national agenda for children to learn coding starting at 12 years old.




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