UStart Global Spotlight Series,

Ep04. Secrets You Should Know About Startups

11 Jul 2019

Ep 04. Secrets You Should Know About Startups

Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre and Professor Jonathan Calof, one of the leaders in intelligence and foresight, discusses the importance of academic and industry knowledge as the basis of innovation, fixing the local university system, and several other key factors that determine the success of a new business.

Key Takeaways

There is no denying that universities work as a catalyst to innovation ecosystems and startups. However, talent and ideas should be complemented with industry knowledge, as well as the ability to accept what the environment is telling you, e.g. learning from past mistakes and reinventing. Do not be afraid to share your ideas with your network to gain outside perspective. It is crucial to open up and recognise opportunities.

Fun Fact

The average entrepreneur has failed 3 times before succeeding, so the attitude that failure is okay is critical.




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