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Ep04. Kickstart Your Blockchain Journey With BLOCKLIME

21 Feb 2019

Ep 04. Kickstart Your Blockchain Journey With BLOCKLIME

Blocklime specializes in building better and innovative blockchain solution while assisting the growth of this technology by coaching new talents in the blockchain technology. In this episode, we have Mr.Harpreet, the CEO of Blocklime. Mr. Harpreet and our host discuss on the fundamentals of the blockchain industry and the objectives behind the birth of Blocklime. He also shares with us on the initiative that are taken by the company to grow more talents in the blockchain world.

Key Takeaways

In this episode about Blocklime, you will get to know further about the blockchain world and how you can kickstart your journey into becoming a blockchain developer. Mr.Harpreet explains to us on how he perceives the blockchain industry and the impact blockchain will have on our daily lives in future. He tells us about all the initiatives taken by Blocklime to boost the blockchain community by providing trainings for individuals who are passionate about this industry. He also shares with us the aim and objectives of Blocklime and the trials they face in accomplishing it. If you are blockchain enthusiast, this episode will guide you on how you can expand your tech talent in this industry.

Fun Fact

Blocklime co-hosted the very first Decentralized Application centric hackathon in Malaysia, whereby they had a total of 156 participants that were trained to build a blockchain app aimed to solve day-to-day problems.




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