Disrupted by Distributed Ledger,

Ep03. Blockchain Solutions for Counterfeits by MININGPUPPETS

31 Jan 2019

Ep 03. Blockchain Solutions for Counterfeits by MININGPUPPETS

The day when you’ll be able to simply take out your phone and check whether the product you have on hand is genuine or not is soon to arrive and thanks to the advancing blockchain technology. Not only that, you can even protect any of your masterpiece through this technology. On this podcast episode of Disrupted by Distributed Ledger, we speak to Mr Stanley, the co-founder and Vice President of MiningPuppets, a crypto mining retail hub and certified Bitmain Antminer repair center. Here, Stanley shares to us about his views on the blockchain industry and how crypto mining can stop the creation of counterfeit items.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, you will get to know about the A – Z of crypto mining and how it works in MiningPuppets. Stanley explains to us on what does repairing miners mean and ways to increase the miners sustainability. He tells us about all the initiatives taken by MiningPuppets to serve the community and the trials they face. You will also get some insights on how crypto mining could assist in preventing fake goods from being produced, and where do the team of MiningPuppets see the company in 5 to 10 years from now.

Fun Fact

MinningPuppets are our very own homegrown company which is the world’s first crypto mining retail hub and Southeast Asia’s first certified Bitmain Antminer repair centre.




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