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Ep02. Achieve Financial Independence Through HELLOGOLD

23 Jan 2019

Ep 02. Achieve Financial Independence Through HELLOGOLD

HelloGold believes that gold protects your savings, and made it a mission for everyone to have access to it in an affordable and secure way. Founded in 2015, they built the world’s first Shariah compliant gold mobile application that changes the way you buy, sell, send and redeem physical gold. In this episode, our host speaks to the Strategy & Business Person of HelloGold, Harith Kamarul about the company he represents and the functions of blockchain in HelloGold.

Key Takeaways

Harith shares his knowledge about blockchain in this episode by educating us on the principles of it and the impact blockchain could have on our everyday life. As HelloGold’s mission is to serve the 98% of population that doesn’t have the access to financial products and services the rich enjoy, Harith explains the challenges they face in making this mission come true and the support they have received from Malaysia so far. He also describes on how HelloGold works and in which manner is blockchain technology assisting HelloGold in their mission.

Fun Fact

Two globally leading blockchain technology companies, Etherscan and Coingecko are our very own homegrown companies.




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