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Ep01. Unlocking The Real Benefits of Blockchain with ACCESS

17 Jan 2019

Ep 01. Unlocking The Real Benefits of Blockchain with ACCESS

In the first episode of this podcast series, our host speaks to Rene Bernard, the President of ACCESS Blockchain Association. ACCESS is home of individuals, startups, businesses and organisations utilising and exploring blockchain technology in Malaysia. Here Rene discusses on what is the blockchain technology and how it works to serve the nation and its members.

Key Takeaways

Access Blockchain Association was initially a sister organization to the Singaporean Access Association which has been around for four years. The association’s objective is to allow opportunities for matchmaking and networking in the business industry, at the same time educating the public on blockchain technology and the dangers which come with it. This effort is in hopes of improving the reputation of blockchain technology which has been tainted in recent years by the scammers mischievous behaviour. Rene gives us a short brief on what is the blockchain industry and the pros and cons of it in our daily life. Furthermore, he also talks about the impact of blockchain and the benefits other sectors like the food industry can gain through blockchain.

Fun Fact

The members of Access Blockchain Association have the perk of using their link with the association as an endorsement and to network with government agencies and regulatory bodies.




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