Ep01. STEM Education For A Brighter Future

13 Sep 2019

Ep 01. STEM Education For A Brighter Future

In this episode, Mahadhir Aziz as Chief Executive Officer of Futurise Centre welcomes the audience to the inaugural FutureTech@IDEAS series titled MoonShot: Ensuring The Success of STEM Education for Malaysia which aims to explore the relationship between education policies and a country’s ability to hit an exponential trajectory with technological breakthroughs.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, STEM education is looked into as a viable and proven policy move in order to foster a new era of technological progress. Taking a leaf from the American and Russian’s book on how to build a nation of scientists and innovators from the Space Race era, we look into the relationship of education and how smart cities such as Cyberjaya can be the key catalyst in raising a new generation of STEM driven industries.

Fun Fact

Malaysia’s first moonshot leap is the birth of Proton and how our STEM-intensive focus propelled the country into becoming a manufacturing nation and its second is through the birth of multimedia expertise which lead to a boom in the animation and film industry now.




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