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Ep59. Zakir Jaafar, Flash Jobs

28 Mar 2018

Ep 59. Zakir Jaafar Founder of Flash Jobs

What It’s About
In this episode of the South East Asian Business Podcast, Dana Blouin and Flashjobs founder
Zakir Jafar sit down for an engaging conversation covering everything from the difficulties of
running a small business, to the ever evolving world of the food and beverage industry.

Key Takeaways
An easy-to-use, highly efficient app, Flashjobs allows users to search for and attain staff
when their primary employees are on sick leave or are incapable of making it to their place of
work for any given reason. By capitalising on Malaysia’s sharing economy platform, Zakir
has managed to create an application that minimises the detrimental effects of ill-performing
or absent staff members.

Fun Fact
Zakir created the app after he realised when, whilst running his own F&B franchise, his staff
would often just not show up to work whenever they felt like not coming.




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