Ep 4. Snowballing incredible customer experience

12 Nov 2018

Ep 4. Snowballing incredible customer experience

In this episode panelists explores the importance and ways to promise positive user experiences in the digital marketing industry with Abishek Jain, Head of Product of Fave, Maxine, an UX designer from Picktochart and Photobook Worldwide’s VOP marketing. In this episode, Abishek Jain will discuss on how the company they represent assure an effective customer relationship management and useful user experiences to understand their customer’s needs.

Key Take Aways

It is important to deliver a level of customer experience that delights customers and build an everlasting relationship with customers. The panelist of this episode covers on ways to increase beneficial user experiences, and methods used to promote their products in the digital marketing industry. In addition to that, they also discuss on customer behaviour, directing traffic to their websites and ways to target the right audience for their products.

Fun Fact

The demand for UX designers is predicted to increase in the next five years as digital marketing industry is expanding and more innovative ways will be needed to tackle the user experince issues for online marketers.




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