Azura Zainal

Azura  Zainal started her career as a child, dabbling in a multitude of performances and acts. From the national choir “suara mas” to various television commercials, she was always comfortable where most aren’t – in the limelight!

Fresh from high school, she was selected from thousands of young hopefuls for the coveted job as a presenter on Disney Buzz, Disney Channel’s flagship show in 1999. It was there that she excelled in what came naturally to her- to entertain, host, present and most of all, bringing smiles to millions of homes across the region

The epitome of eccentricity, uncommon sense and bubble-gum, she is constantly on the move with her hosting, singing and acting but still finds time to involve herself in charitable undertakings like BRAT’s Pasar Tani charity carnival, Roda Impian Charity Week, Pan Pacific “Happy to Help Day Charity Bazaar” and Celebrity Squares just to name a few.

With her colourful background and personality, she is currently starting up her own business.

Nana Mahazan

Nana was 1 of the 12 students for the first season of Akademi Fantasia, the most popular reality program in 2003. The reality TV show brought her instant stardom and also made her a household name. She was immediately involved in a Nationwide tour after the show.

After rising to fame in the media industry, she went on to write a book about Motherhood called ‘Life’s A Na Na Na’. In it, she shared stories and experiences during her pregnancy, delivery and on how to get back in shape.

Hosting Diari Akademi Fantasia 2015, the show ran for 50 episodes and aired on Astro Ria. Akademi Fantasia is one of Malaysia’s favourite reality shows.

Nana has also been active in the fashion industry, collaborating on a shoe collection under the label NbyDistroKL. 5 designs have been released in the market since mid-2014 and has started her own make-up line.

Razif Hashim

After graduating from the Univesity of Essex with a Masters degree in Fine Arts in Acting, Razif Hashim went on to become a the TV host of NTV7’s new morning show, titled ‘The Feel Good Show’.

Ever on the move, he branched out within the film industry and developed an original theatre production with refugees under the UNCHR livelihood sector to create sustainable economic activities for the benefit of the refugees involved. He was also instrumental in the development of a short film working with underprivileged kids to inspire them towards developing their skills and talent for the entertainment industry.

In 2016, Razif founded Arara, an entertainment company which he also presently manages.

Apart from the work he does as an individual, Razif has also played a pivotal role in MaGIC, meeting corporate clients and developing content that suits their needs under MaGIC’s Accelerator Program. His most notable achievement within MaGIC is designing a confidence building and pitching skills program for entrepreneurs.

Ben Ibrahim

A multi-talented entrepreneurial heavy-weight, Ben Ibrahim is a TV anchor-presenter, Master of Ceremonies, Event Moderator, Writer, Corporate Trainer, Educator-Lecturer, and Sports Manager. He joined the entertainment business in 2005. Prior to the industry, he worked in the private sector.

Some of his most notable accomplishments include presenting the Fox Sports Asia program, and hosting Astro Awani’s award winning business show, ‘Entrepreneur’.

Ben is also a passionate writer and educator. In 2010, he joined the Star Newspaper as a monthly columnist. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Management and Human Resources from Monash University, Australia. In 2014, Ben was awarded the title of “Best TV Presenter” by Top 10 magazine.

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