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Ep67. Razif Hashim, FungryTV

10 Apr 2018

Ep 67. Razif Hashim, Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of FungryTV

In this episode Dana sits down with his fellow eFM host Razif Hashim to chat about Razif’s experience as a serial entrepreneur in the creative spaces he embodies and his life as a gastronomic explorer. Razif talks about his struggles as a creative person in the entrepreneur space and how he marries his creative vision with the practicality required of a business.

Check out Razifs show on www.eFM.Live and to find out more about his creative endeavours be sure to check out his Fungry TV content at: www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UQWiY1G6dgGf8eZ1x2qSA




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