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Ep5. iCookAsia

06 Jun 2018

Ep 5. iCookAsia

In this episode of Startups to Scaleups, we chat with the CEO and founder of iCookAsia, Ezmir b. Mohd Razali on how iCookAsia is changing the way Malaysian brands and consumers approach content marketing in the ever-changing landscape of mass media advertising. From 2015, iCookAsia pivoted itself from its previous model to become a platform for content marketing, of which is was a pioneer in the Malaysian scene. Through iCookAsia, cooking has become fuss-free and easy through their fun-filled guide videos for cooks of all walks of life.

Key Takeaways

Ezmir discusses the difference between content marketing and advertising, especially for Small Medium Enterprises in Malaysia. He proposes a new perspective on brand growth, through creation of long-term, reusable content that has a high ROI as opposed to a one-off advertising.

With the rise of Youtube and Instagram as well as the growing ease of producing and uploading content, it is important for brands to approach customer engagement from a different way in this new era.

Fun Fact

iCookAsia is the first online video recipe channel in Malaysia with great recipes and stories about food from Malaysia and around Asia




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