Growing Young Entrepreneurs,

Ep4. Give Freedom

14 Mar 2019

Ep 4. Give Freedom

In this episode of Growing Young Entrepreneurs, Edmond Yap interviews Caryn Kong and Dr. Ewe of Acton Academy. With the experience of guiding little eagles from the academy, the two share their thoughts on how parents and adults should give freedom to children and how children can be influenced to be more entrepreneurial even at a tender age.

Key Takeaways

As children are prone to sway from their goals due to distractions like internet videos and video games, boundaries should be set for them to stay focused and keep their eyes set on their goals. The two co-founders of the academy divulge that eagles who fail to complete their tasks for the day are held accountable to their mistakes. Through that, they learn to be more responsible. Both of them also talk about how children wants their thoughts and opinions to be heard and aiming to play a role in something that can make themselves feel like they matter.

Fun Fact

Middle grade Eagles love ‘last minute work’! But Dr. Ewe trust them enough to give them a degree of freedom and have the eagles finish everything on time.




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