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Ep3. SportsBoleh

17 May 2018

Ep 3. SportsBoleh

In this episode, we hear from LILA CEO, Joseph Dolcetti about his company’s latest offering, the EXOGEN wearable-resistance exoskeleton. Through high-performance research, education and utilising innovative technologies, LILA’s EXOGEN suit completely redefines the world of human performance. A compression-based multi-function suit, its uses vary from movement-technology for sports, to general fitness, military and even emergency services

Key Takeaways

“Businesses Fail not when you run out of Money but when Entrepreneurs Run out of Steam”, quips Joseph Dolcetti. He reiterates a central component to becoming a successful entrepreneur: “People have no idea how long it takes to build Success. With new technology – there is an element of education involved about the product and the benefits.” His advice? Test more than one vertical market at the start because each vertical market will require different levels of validation of the value proposition. Only when you do this, can you find out which niche is your early adopter.

Fun Fact

The word ‘LILA’ means ‘GOD at play’; the activity of the supreme being unencumbered by laws. Lila is a conceptualism of the universe as a playground of the gods. The supreme being changing itself to human form to come to earth to experience movement, sport and play.




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