The Truth of Showbiz,

Ep2. Sustaining Creativity and Passion

06 Dec 2017


Follow Dafrosty backstage to find out the inner workings of the music business in Malaysia, through conversations with some of the most dedicated individuals in the industry, from how they sustained their passion for music, to nurturing platforms for the industry’s growth.

Aiman Misri / Dafrosty

Aiman Mohd Misri, a.k.a. Dafrosty, has witnessed the growth and dominance of Malaysia’s Hip Hop scene in the past decade from multiple perspectives; recording and mixing engineer, music technology lecturer, independent record label owner and artist.

Takahara Suiko

The Venopian Solitude began with Takahara Suiko’s experimentation with writing and music production on Youtube, and grew to become one of the most mind-bending performers Malaysia has ever witnessed. After shaking up the industry with the successful campaign for the controversial song Tenangkan Bontot Anda, taken off the her band’s critically acclaimed debut album, Takahara represented Malaysia in Montreal, Canada, for the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy.

Ep 2. Sustaining Creativity and Passion

In this episode, Takahara Suiko, the alter ego of The Venopian Solitude, explores the many strategies for independent musicians to fund and market their creativity.




Coming soon: 05 Dec 2019

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