09 Aug 2018

Ep 2. SERV

Car maintenance and servicing has always been a grey area for many, especially first time car owners. Plagued with uncertainties in quality of service, pricing and best workshops, the industry is in need of a major reboot. That’s where SERV comes into the picture, an app that takes the sharing economy to the automotive industry to democratise and streamline car servicing. In this recording, we talk to Arief Imran about his app and the challenges of running a sharing economy platform as a pioneer in the Malaysian automative scene.

Key Takeaways

Imran discusses the beginning of SERV and his previous business ventures as well as how each of his entrepreneurship ventures cross-subsidises each other. As with any new business, SERV needs to redefine its focus and points on their major business pillars as well as partners in form of freelancing mechanics were also touched. As cars differ from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as individual models, their needs differs as well and this recording cracks into how SERV plans to tackle these differences and bridge together an industry here in Malaysia.

Fun Fact

Prior to founding SERV, Arief actually owned a gymnasium and the gym is still operating today!




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