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Ep07. Health At Your Fingertips with SMARTOPTZ

14 Mar 2019

Ep 07. Health At Your Fingertips with SMARTOPTZ

As the blockchain technology proceeds to evolve in various industries, in this podcast, we talk about how the healthcare industry can benefit from blockchain with Mr.Brian, the CEO of SmartOptz. SmartOptz is an e-health focus company that builds remote patient monitoring and EHR (electronic health record) solutions. Here Mr.Brian shares with us about the basics of the blockchain technology and on the birth of SmartOptz. He also gives us some insights on how SmartOptz is working on to give us access to our medical records at our fingertips and the differences between the directed acyclic graph and blockchain.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, Mr. Brian discusses ways SmartOptz works on protecting the patient’s privacy and data security and how self-sovereign health ID is used into SmartOptz’s solution based on IOTA distributed ledger technology. He also talks to us about the Directed Acyclic Graph and how it differs from blockchain. Besides, he also explains about the initiative taken by his company to assist hospitals in Malaysia on issues like reducing the number of patients stay time by using their technology that enables doctors to monitor the patient’s health while the patient is at home. Our host also took this opportunity to ask him about his smartest move in this business so far and what was the toughest moment that he had to face.

Fun Fact

Blockchain technology could revolutionize medical record keeping by allowing you to access your own medical records easily without having to contact any doctors’ offices. This is a similar technology SmartOptz is coming up with, and this would give patients more control of their own records and make it easier for them to track their own health.




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